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Cindy Nolte Managing Partner Pop Machine Agency Wichita Ks

Cindy Nolte

Managing Partner (Big Picture Empath)

Nolte is a six-gun, straight shootin’, advertising gunslinger. In a market filled with pretenders, her transparent way of doing business is refreshing. She embraces every day with the enthusiasm of an entrepreneur, solid in her industry knowledge with a competitive drive to help her clients find their authentic story. Thoughtful curiosity and a creative intuition, backed with real-world data, helps her tell the narrative of her client’s brands.

 With decades of PR and writing success on big stages, Cindy sees the insights that others don’t and makes them matter personally to her clients’ audience. On brand. On strategy. On voice.

Mike Moen

Managing Partner (Make-it-happen Marketeer)

A twenty-first-century oracle with a penchant for progressive thinking, Mike’s intuition compelled him to take his valuable baseball card collection and store them in a safety deposit box six hours before the Andover tornado of 1991 destroyed his home. 

Mike is obsessed with providing valuable and breakthrough solutions for his clients while managing people in a frictionless, innovative environment. His fearless approach to helping your brand POP to the top means harnessing resourceful ways to get it done. Timely. Smartly. On budget. And across a wide array of platforms. From print to video to web to whatever’s next.