Web design is affected by constantly changing trends, and a web designer must stay afloat with the developments. The emergence of new technology in digital design has provided more options for businesses seeking website design in Wichita, KS. Design trends have a way of merging current styles with the past and bringing them forth in the future.   

Web designers get inspiration from users’ changing interests to create innovative projects. Some of these trends create an immersive experience that distinctly connects modern audiences with brand sellers. Let’s walk together and discover the top trends in web design in 2023. 

Increased Web Accessibility

Inclusivity is a significant contributor to web accessibility. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) issued a directive to ensure everyone can browse any website. The ruling affects all businesses that serve the public, from banks, hospitals, and retail shops, to e-commerce stores. Website owners must publish content that the visually impaired can comprehend and navigate the site independently. 


In 2023, the Y2K aesthetic will likely be a hit because the 2000s trends are slowly coming back. The resurgence of Y2 K’s takeover in fashion, interior design, music, and art is also evident in web design. People have different perceptions of historical nostalgia; some claim it takes a 50-year cycle, others 30 or 40. The internet and social media have made it accessible because it’s easy to share information, speeding up the cycle.  

Some web designers are capitalizing on the trend, taking it in a retrofuturistic direction with aesthetics like Vaporwave, Cybercore, and Glitch. Others prefer particular elements like the use of retro typeface. Using and diversifying one design element to fit modern trends creates a design that connects to a specific era. 


Hover animations are a perfect way to grab and entertain an audience’s attention. In 2023, web designers are taking the trend a notch higher by transforming hover animations on a typical page into brilliant ideas. The trend supports fast browsing/ it also allows users to access a product review without going to another page. 

The animated product is used as a teaser that bolsters a little interface that displays photos, one after the other, without cluttering the page. Hover animations leave the viewer with a feeling of discovery and a desire to explore more.

Immersive 3D Worlds

In 2022, most websites used the favored immersive scrolling experience, and it attracted many viewers to their pages. In 2023, this move is increasing in popularity and complexity. Virtual Reality (VR) significantly enabled this trend to evolve into immersive websites known as 3D worlds. Although immersion stunts have been around, they never go as far as taking users through a digital space tracked by a crane camera. 

Audio techniques were considered tacky in the early days of the internet, but now tenuous music is slowly taking over to leave a cinematic touch. Most websites come with accessibility challenges and will ask for permission to play music before loading the page you want. This move is complex, and only good designers can pull it off using 3D modeling and sound mixing, and it is ideal for a one-off campaign. 

The fact that website worlds are more beautiful than others makes them the ideal imaginative spaces where users can comfortably let loose. Additionally, users end up around a Call To Action (CTA) challenge because the web owner believes the visual experience leaves a lasting memory on visitors. 

Artificial Intelligence

In 2023, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is doing wonders in different industries, from customer care and copywriting. AI has come a long way, and it’s accomplishing so much. However, many people are skeptical of the tools replacing human designers as there will always be a role only people can accomplish. Nonetheless, the tools provide an opportunity for different audiences to connect with the world over. 

It’s not uncommon for User Experience (UX) or User Interface designers to come across a client asking them to develop an appealing chatbot for their site. Chatbots are AI assistants that serve customers past working hours and provide as much help as human customer service. Design is an essential requirement for creating an engaging AI, and you should get comfortable using them because almost all websites have it. As technology advances in 2023, better designs will emerge, and AI will help make better designs fast. 

Unique Cursors

If you had the internet two decades back, you might recall changing your cursor to a smiley, alien, or cat. The cursor effect was entertaining and unending, as cursor graphics were fun. Now, in 2023 you will see more custom cursors on websites with an image or animated effects to increase interaction. This time, it gets better because users don’t have to install a cursor pack that can bring malware to their machines.

Over Stimulation

Less is more has been a rule of thumb in the digital arena. Websites were mandated to be intuitive for decades, leaving no room for users to think. However, most designers have rebelled against these restrictions, as they disfavor design and invention. 

In 2023 rebellion against UX limitations will mean digital maximalism, which focuses on overstimulation. The trend puts up a war against white space while personalizing almost all pages. A web page can have animated foregrounds, animated backgrounds, oversized typography, click effects and hover animation in one place. The intent is only to create a weird but expressive effect that intrigues visitors. 

Custom Typefaces

Recently, text-based websites have been common, and more hand-crafted and personalized fonts will soon be available. Web designers create custom typefaces for specific clients, which makes them stand out. The trend of designs that surround type has been around and will continue to grow into new levels of originality. 

Typefaces aren’t restricted to particular designs or universal dominance. It’s a custom trend designers creatively play with to achieve graphic novels, real-world materials, poster design, and real life. There are endless ways to approach this trend in 2023 and illustrate unique lettering techniques, and it’s even better with tools like BitFontMaker and Calligraphr. 

Mobile-Friendly Designs

Building a mobile-friendly website is crucial since everyone today is constantly browsing for something on their phone. Most people worldwide own a cellphone, and web designers must create sites that load fast on smaller devices like phones or tablets. A slow-loading website is a turn-off, and no one has the time to wait around; they will hop to the next fast-loading page. 

People use their phones to browse restaurants, make reservations, and schedule appointments. This means that only fast-loading websites on mobile devices will have more business, while the slow options will take business elsewhere, causing revenue loss.

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