We Can be Your Fractional Marketing Officer

Fractional Marketing Officer? What is that? Although there is no widely recognized or established role known as a “fractional marketing officer” it is a term that is likely to gain traction (and appeal) over the next couple of years. 

A fractional marketing officer is a part-time or contract-based marketing professional who works with multiple companies simultaneously or on a project basis. Instead of being a full-time employee of one organization, they “fractionally” divide their time and expertise across several companies, providing marketing/communications leadership, strategies, and guidance. (Fractional is a word long used in the private jet business to indicate a small ownership in an aircraft or flight provider for customers who want to travel by private jet without the expense of owning one.)

Fractional C-suite roles, where experienced executives serve multiple organizations part-time, have become more common in recent years, especially for small to medium-sized businesses that may not require a full-time executive on staff but want a continuing relationship with a trusted “partner”.

The role is very similar to traditional retainer or subscription contracts but often allows more interaction with the client’s staff even going so far as to providing supervisory services to a client’s interns or entry level staff. It allows the business to share the cost of a marketing or communications manager without the added cost of paying a full-time salary and benefits.

Our leadership has experience not only in agency work like SEO, Wichita video production, website design, etc. but also in corporate management allowing us to tailor a fractional program based on the client’s needs and budget and we do it without requiring a long-term contract. We want the relationship to be of benefit to both parties!