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We specialize in dynamic online marketing solutions, empowering businesses to thrive. Entrust us to breathe life into your website, ensuring speed, mobile-friendliness, security, and maximum effectiveness for a lasting online presence.

Our Website Portfolio Samples

One of the largest law firms in Kansas asked for a website refresh. Even with over 100 pages we finished on time and redesigned their robust site to raise the brand to a new level of awareness. We continue to update and keep the site relevant as the law firm grows and we also incorporate the feel of the site into their social media content and ensure that there is a dynamic relationship between all channels of communication.

Pop Machine Agency Website Sample Work
Pop Machine Agency Website Sample Work

Flying Pig Improv asked for a bold, dynamic website, with eye-catching  movement and action photos. Our team collaborated with the founder of the theater to make sure that we were showing off the facility as well as incorporating her personality into the voice of the website. And we provided a website as fun and engaging as the client and her theater!

Clean, modern and focused on business, the newly refreshed site for Yosemite Associates, offers an easily navigated website focused in the business community. The client’s slogan “Bank Your Moment” is reflected throughout the site and is instrumental in drawing in the customer, a major consideration in any website refresh.

Pop Machine Agency Website Sample Work
Pop Machine Agency Website Sample Work

Caregiver Beds are found in hospitals all over the country. Providing products to the medical industry means their website must provide a credible source of information directed to customers balancing regulations with convenience. Utilizing large demonstrative photos underscored the benefits of the products and helped the client market their unique product.

A small, but mighty, law firm in Wichita, Kansas, Stinson Laswell & Wilson asked for a website refresh allowing for increased responsiveness and awareness of their family law focus. Our team was up to the job and created a fresh new look that reflects the quality of the services provided by the client.
Pop Machine Agency Website Sample Work
Pop Machine Agency Website Sample Work

Dynamic, engaging and responsive were requirements for the refresh of the Odd Fellow Hall in the historic Delano District. Our team was up to the challenge of setting apart this unique event space in a crowded market. Our design is clean and yet active in the manner it reached out to the viewer. We hit all the major selling points in elevating this beautiful space.

Baron Ridge Speakers Agency quickly outgrew their original website and needed a refresh that would reflect the dynamism and professionalism of the speakers. In addition, they want to appeal to companies and organizations throughout the country looking to book a speaker in a very competitive environment. We gave them exactly what they were looking for and we continue to work with the client as the company expands.

Pop Machine Agency Website Sample Work

Discover the Phases of Website Design

The website is one of the primary marketing tools of any organization. It is not only the online “face” of the organization but it offers the utility to provide as much depth of information as needed. And it allows for continual engagement with your customer.

Behind the scenes, a website also provides the tools to increase your reach and potential customer base. 

The first step in the process is to comprehensively understand your needs. We start with the following questions:

1. The Audience: Who is the audience for your website? You may be surprised at what we find out together when we do a deep dive into discovery.

2. The Objective: What are you trying to accomplish with your site? Offering information? Capturing data? A call to action?

3. The Strategy: How does your website fit into your Wichita marketing strategy? We can help you determine if it needs to be a robust source for information or a landing page directing your audiences to other platforms.

4. The Tactics: How specifically will this website be used?

Now that we understand the how’s and why’s of the project, we then need to define the boundaries or the scope of the project. They are:

Number of Pages

Defining two of these usually quantifies the third one. The budget is often driven by the how complex the site will be, that is, dynamic content, e-commerce  video, interactivity, account login, etc. 

During this phase, we explore the brand voice and the overall look and feel of the website. This includes your graphic standards and even your style of written content. You may have an idea of what you like or even a firm set of graphic standards in place. We take all input into consideration to present mood boards that give you an understanding of what your website will look like before we actually start development.

Whether you have an existing website or not, we collaboratively determine what content is needed, be it revamped from a previous site or created from scratch. Our team excels at incorporating crucial Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  strategies so that your site is not only appealing but is providing powerhouse tactics proven to attract attention and create a responsive interface with the customer. 

Once the look and feel of the site is approved, we will then start on the website with an initial wireframe or structure of the site. As the structure takes shape it will allow the development to run the course of completing the overall design and functionality and allow the flow-in of content.

Our team will work with you to ensure all edits have been made correctly and flow smoothly with the content and direction of the site. This can be a daunting task if you have a large approval team but our team works with yours to make sure that everyone is on board before launch. At this point we move the website from the development site to final website hosting.

This is the time to make sure all earlier edits have been made correctly and other tweaks don’t draw attention away from earlier changes. If you aren’t prepared for it, this can be a surprisingly difficult task, especially if you have a large approval team. But, we can help you through it and once everyone is happy, we will move your website from our development site to final website hosting.

Once your site is live, we will finish up a few necessary details. We will offer training to your staff regarding the site and making internal changes, if desired. We’ll also incorporate into your website to Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We’ll also take a look at your Google Business Profile. Your Google footprint is critical in getting your website to rank well. We also offer ongoing website maintenance upgrades – an often overlooked need to keep your website’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) at the top.

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