Web3, Decentralized Websites on the Blockchain

As the very first NFT marketing agency is the united States, we’ve also developed decentralized websites directly on the blockchain – immutable, accessible and beautiful. Fully own, fully control your web3 domain and website forever.

The decentralized Websites we’ve built on the blockchain are websites that use web3 technology to store and manage their data and operations. These sites may be built on a public blockchain, such as the one used by the Bitcoin or Ethereum network, or they may be built on a private or permissioned blockchain, which is managed by a specific organization or group of organizations.

One of the main advantages of blockchain-based websites is their security and resilience. Because the data on a blockchain is decentralized and encrypted, it is more difficult for hackers and other malicious actors to access or manipulate. This can provide greater protection for user data and transactions, as well as for the website itself.

Pop Machine Agency - Decentralized, Blockchain websites
Pop Machine Agency - Decentralized, Blockchain websites
Pop Machine Agency - Web3 Websites

In addition to security, blockchain-based websites can also offer greater transparency and accountability. Because all transactions and data on a blockchain are recorded and visible to all users, it is easier to verify the authenticity and integrity of the information on the website. This can help to build trust and credibility with users, and can also provide a more level playing field for all participants.

Another advantage of blockchain-based websites is their ability to support new and innovative features and functionality. Because the blockchain allows for the secure and transparent transfer of data and assets, it enables the creation of new types of online applications and services that are not possible on traditional websites. Examples of these applications include decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms, online marketplaces for digital assets, and peer-to-peer networks for sharing data and resources.

The website we build on the blockchain represents a new and emerging category of online platforms that offer unique benefits and capabilities. These sites are likely to become increasingly common as blockchain technology continues to mature and gain mainstream adoption. Get one!


No. We will need to use a decentralized domain. We can help you find and purchase your decentralized domain name. It’s early so your favorite name might likely still be available!

Yes, we can make a copy of your current WordPress website and use it for your blockchain website.

We will mint your website to the ERC-20 Ethereum blockchain.

Here is what you’ll need to purchase:

Decentralized domain: $20-$100 one time! There is no annual fee for decentralized domains.

Hosting fees: $0!

Ethereum gas fees: $0!

Website design: Contact us to discuss!


Right now, only Brave and Opera browsers will natively support web3 websites. But this is changing fast!