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The Website Design Process

Website development is getting increasingly complex as responsive design, or web design for multiple devices is the standard. 

As with any large project, a proper and thorough process is needed. 

There are a number of key phases in producing a website. Each of these phases are distinct and will be approved by your staff before we move to the next phase. This phased process ensures that key stakeholders in your organization understand all the important aspects of the finished video before we begin production. The final outcome will be a website that will meet your marketing goals.

Make no mistake, your website is one of the primary marketing tools of any organization. As such, we will be exploring these vital marketing questions with you.

1. The Audience: Who is the audience for your website? You may be surprised at what we find out together when we do a deep dive into discovery.

2. The Objective: What are you trying to accomplish with your site? Offering information? Capturing data? A call to action?

3. The Strategy: How does your website fit into your marketing strategy? How does your website fit into your marketing strategy? We can help you determine if it needs to be a robust source for information or a landing page directing your audiences to other platforms.

4. The Tactics: How specifically will this website be used?

Now that we understand the how’s and why’s of the project, we then need to define the boundaries or the scope of the project. They are:

Number of Pages

Defining two of these usually quantifies the third one. The budget is often driven by the how complex the site will be, that is, dynamic content, e-commerce  video, interactivity, account login, etc. 

During this phase, we will explore the branding, color scheme, and general look and feel of the website. You may have already compiled a list of websites you like. We will take all input into consideration will present mood boards to you in order to give you an understanding of what your website will look like before we actually start development.

Chances are you already have a website. We will meet with you to determine which content is usable and what needs to be created. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a crucial role in what copy, images and video will be used and how on your new, responsive website.

Once the look and feel of the site is approved, we will then start on the website with an initial wireframe or structure of the site. As the structure takes shape it will allow the development to run the course of completing the overall design and functionality and allow the flow-in of content.

As we are putting the finishing touches on your website, we will invite you to take a look. This is the time to submit any changes. It’s at this point that what we’ve been envisioning together has taken shape and may need the input form your key stakeholders.  

This is the time to make sure all earlier edits have been made correctly and other tweaks don’t draw attention away from earlier changes. If you aren’t prepared for it, this can be a surprisingly difficult task, especially if you have a large approval team. But, we can help you through it and once everyone is happy, we will move your website from our development site to final website hosting.

After your new, awesome website is live, we need to complete a few more necessary details. The addition of adding your website to Google Search Console, Google Analytics and your Google My Business profile will be critical in getting your website to rank well. We’ll also need to discuss ongoing maintenance. This is a much overlooked need to keep your website’s Search Engine Rank Position (SERP) at the top!

We’ve developed our first website in 1995. We have experience. We would love to discuss your project with you. If you have questions or would like an estimate, please reach out to us!