Wichita Final Friday Map

Finding a Final Friday Gallery in Wichita can be difficult.

Over the past few years, Wichita has seen a boon in the local art scene. It’s been a good thing. Many local artists have wished for a such a time and place. It’s good to see it finally  happen in the great mid-west city we call home. For a big ole town like Wichita, Kansas, it’s nice to walk (or crawl) from gallery to gallery. Commerce Street comes to mind as a short strip of a number of bustling Final Friday showings. Those of us that work just around the corner at The Stables, knock off early and head over to Commerce to start the evening.

Wichita loves art.

So consider us your helpful and friendly, art-loving Wichita Marketing Agency that also provides you a pretty sweet map to all the Final Friday galleries in ICT. You’re welcome. During your art crawl time out on the town, you might be compelled to get your drink on. If that’s the case then take a quick look at our Wichita Breweries Near Me Map. We might see you there!